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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Captain Den Beste is Back!

Wow. Paleo-blogger Steven Den Beste is back as well. This is huge. Everything that Steven writes is worth reading, pondering, quoting and discussing (well, except maybe the anime stuff, cuz, y'know, I'm just not INTO that). Before he went on hiatus, USS Clueless was a regular stop for me. While it would sometimes take me days to get through one of Steven's posts (for the unititiated, they are notoriously long), the trip was always worth the price.

For example, this post on Jacksonian foreign policy and world government (an unusally short piece) provides and excellent framework for understanding how an essentially isolationist country can take such bold, interventionist steps on the world stage without finding the need to be involved with (and, in fact, remaining quite antipathetic to) any sort of "world government."

And the post described by Steven as "A top-level briefing on the cause of the war, how we got involved, what our strategy is to win it, and how well that is going" is probably the most thorough description of just what the War on Terror is all about that you will find anywhere:

The purpose of this document is to provide a high level strategic view of the cause of the war, the reason that the United States became involved in it, the fundamental goals the US has to achieve to win it, and the strategies the US is following, as well as an evaluation of the situation as of July, 2003. Most of what is here has been explored in far greater detail in numerous posts made on USS Clueless (http://denbeste.nu). [It was adapted from this entry.]

So go and read him now, and Welcome Back, Captain!