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Friday, September 09, 2005

Levee Break, Part II

Donald Trump (love him or hate him) puts his finger directly on the problem:

What I really look to, you know, when they look at blame, whether you blame presidents or senators or mayors or whoever, I blame the people that were looking after the so-called dam or the levee (search), because, I mean, for a wall to break, for a concrete wall to break, where a city is dependent on that concrete wall holding back essentially the ocean, somebody is to blame.

Now, it was built 100 years ago, but you would certainly think that this was examined once a year, like you do with airplanes and everything else. So, here is a city dependent on this concrete structure that should be strong enough to hold any kind of hurricane and any amount of water. It's all it is, is engineering.

And for a wall to break — you know, when the hurricane passed, Neil, the people were in good shape. They were rejoicing in the streets. They said, we made it. We made it. It hasn't been that bad.

And then, all of a sudden, the wall broke, and a tremendous, you know, millions and millions of gallons just poured in. And the water is what caused all of the death and all of the destruction. So, whoever was responsible for the maintenance of that wall should really pay a very, very heavy price.

When "The Donald " makes more sense with his only statement (AFAIK) on the subject than the entire Democratic Party and the MSM have made with nearly two weeks of finger-pointing, you know somebody has an agenda.


Blogger Eagle said...


Great point by the Donald. Made even more interesting by the fact that the most crucial break (from what I can figure out right now) was at a levee that had only recently been upgraded.

11:27 AM  
Blogger michael said...

That's right, Eagle. It was reported in the NYT about work being completed on the levee just last year. According to my friend who has (had?) a house right near the levee, there was construction being done on the bridge there for about a year as well. It will all come out in the class action suit against the Army Corp of Engineers.

11:59 AM  

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