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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kudos For ABC News

The Captain throws some roses at the feet of ABC News for finally asking the right questions and doing some of that research stuff:

At least one major media outlet has finally noticed that New Orleans had an emergency response plan for hurricances and evacuations that somehow never got implemented. ABC News yesterday asked why Mayor Ray Nagin not only did not follow the plan, but actively sent non-evacuees to a site that had no preparations to handle them ....
While that is interesting and commendable, I think the more interesting tidbit was this little bit of elicited information:

ABC also asked Governor Kathleen Blanco's office about their response to the evacuation. They responded that they never asked for evacuation assistance from the federal government as part of their interaction with FEMA, only for assistance with shelter and provisions. They assumed that the city of New Orleans had followed its own evacuation plan.
(my emphasis added; CQ's emphasis deleted). As I pointed out here, Gov. Blanco made a specific request under the Stafford Act (as she was supposed to do) for relief supplies and support to the tune of $9,000,000 but never sought federal troops to help with the evacuation or dissemination of supplies within the city. Of course, before Katrina actually hit this was probably a reasonable request, but afterwards, why no call for FEMA help in the city?

** UPDATE **

From the comments, Porkopolis is putting together a sort of deductive timeline of events indicating what the local authorities, state authorities and FEMA did and did not do. He's looking for people to poke holes in his theory that the feds saved New Orleans' bacon ... as it were. I'm not so sure that FEMA isn't without fault here, after all it is a bloated government bureacracy headed by a political appointee who doesn't seem to have any of the seemingly-required experience for his position. But Porkopolis does string together a fair indication of how things were supposed to work if everything had gone according to plan, and it doesn't exactly paint a flattering picture of Nagin or Blanco (think Grant Wood meets Edvard Munch).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good research on the MEMA representative.

When all is said and done, the feds will be shown to have saved New Orleans from its self-inflicted wounds.

I invite you to review:

Looking for holes in this thesis on the so-called lack of federal response in New Orleans

Would appreciate you passing the word around if you agree with the argument put forth in the post.

4:13 PM  

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