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Monday, August 29, 2005

Grudge Match

Well this surely looks to be exciting (as reported by Stefan Beck of The New Criterion):

Don't miss the fight of the century. In just about two weeks, Gorgeous George Galloway and The Magnificent Hitch will square off, right here in NYC. We'll be there.

(Link in original). Of course, the moderator will be Amy Goodman of the reliably-socialist radio program Democracy Now! on Pacifica Radio (which can also be seen on Free Speech TV), so the reported outcome of the contest is already known. Nonetheless, Hitchens is particularly well-suited to tackle "Gorgeous George", I think, because while Galloway is certainly combative, sometimes quite eloquently so, he tends to employ personal attacks and ipse dixit logic when he argues. Hitchens is apparently impervious to ad hominem, presumably from years spent fighting in the Trotskyite trenches, but more importantly he can command facts with devestating precision when he so chooses, and his rhetorical flourishes are positively poisonous. I expect that Hitch will be fully armed with several quivers full of pointed Galloway-isms with which to neatly split each of his opponent's arrows that manage to find a mark. And you can be sure that Gorgeous will put on quite a bomb-throwing, straw-man eviscerating show when he's not accusing Hitch of being a drunkard. The issues concerning the War in Iraq, the War on Terror, or any other war for that matter, won't be solved on this night, nor is likely that any spectators will be converted. But you can count on the flames from this battle being magnificent to behold.